• 5000 PSI Concrete @ 28 Day
  • Tested weekly to ensure Quality and Saftey
  • Our Precast Treads are reinforced with #3 Rebar grade 40
  • light to medium broom finish w/ a 2" edging and 3/8" radius
  • Treads are sloped with an 85 Deg angle
  • Live load of 100 lbs. per sq. Ft.

Why Precast

  • Precast Treads will not rust, rot or crack
  • Our Precast Treads are tested for strength by independent laboratories
  • Our Precast Treads have one of the strongest warranties in the industry
  • Each step is hand made, with the highest quality and craftsmanship
  • Our Precast Treads are durable
  • Treads will maintain their look and finish
  • With Our Precast Treads you are ready for traffic as soon as you put them up, No waiting next day for cure time


  • Our Precast Treads are easy to install
  • Line up the bolts that are encased in the tread with the 2 holes in the angle on the stringer. Place the 3/8" nuts (provided by Camp Logan) on the bolts and tighten.
  • Our Precast Treads are easy to replace

Why Camp Logan Cement

  • We Keep a large inventory of Precast Treads
  • Know installers in most states
  • Our Precast Treads are ready to ship via common carrier
  • Or we can ship with our truck
  • We have forty years of ?experience manufacturing precast step treads

Lid Tread Option

  • Creates clean, open airy look for a stairway
  • Exclusive Lip tread option, reduces gap between steps to less than 4"

  Camp Logan Brochure
Do not apply salt or any type of chloride product on our precast concrete steps to melt ice. Salt will rapidly deteriorate the step, which could result in injury and will void the warranty.